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Bächler Top Track AG
Lohrensäge 2
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
Tel. +41 (0)56 677 71 00
Fax +41 (0)56 677 71 01
Your perfect partner for all snow-tubing beloning’s

The attraction in every ski resort, for each winter sport hotel or fun park.

A hill, a simple tubing-lift and some snow tubes that is all you need. No special training no special wearing – it is so easy and uncomplicated. That is what it makes so funny for your young and older guests. It is also interesting for the spectators.

The snow-tubing concept promises to be profitable even if it is only a small fun park and it is a good supplementation or alternative to skiing, snowboarding, cross-country or the normal sledge. Especially these days we should offer a very variable pleasure to the guests.

A snow-tubing park may have straight, vertical or snaky lanes or even „bob-sleigh“-turnes. The more different lanes themore interesting it is.

Snow-tubes are available in different colours. Mixed colours are nicer for the eye and may also be a possibility to differentiate tickets. Example: Red for a whole day and blue for a half-day.

Snow-tubes are made out of cordura tissue with a hard, very resistant PVC-bottom. The tubes have three handles and a towing rope with a rubber ring.

Measurement „TOP TUBE“ cordura:
Outside diameter: 100 cm
Inside diameter: 45 cm
Height: 30 cm

For a comfortable seating it is also an „innertube-comfort“ available. It consists of a small tube with a cordura casing, which can be putted in to the „Top Tube“.

The „Top Tube“ is ideal for adults and kids from aproox. 100 cm body height. It‘s advisable to construct a separate course for the little ones. It‘s also recommended to wear a helmet.

Alternative to transport snow tubes:
BORER hook in- and release-system.