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Bächler Top Track AG
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Control system for Bächler snowmakers

The fully automatic system, which is developed specifically for Bächler snowmakers, is characterised by the excellent adjustment with the optional components as for example compressor and water hydrant engine. The power supply is looped via compressor on to the control system as well as to the water hydrant engine by the combination of those Bächler components. Thereby it is only one power socket pit-sided needed to operate the complete system.

The above floor solution of the control box with integrated glass door, which allows a secured view on the display, is delivered with an assembling kit to fix it on the MAV. The humidity and temperature sensor can be mounted selectivelly on the control box or on the lance it selfs.

By defining of virtual valves on the control system a flexible use is guaranteed. If a three-step NESSy or a eight-step NESSy SnoTek is actuated is irrelevant.

Technical data
- Dimension 32.5x42.8x18.3cm
- 220 volt power supply
- pressure sensor water 0..100bar, flush mounted
- Humidity and temperature sensor 0..100%rF -40..60°C, awning gills inclusive

Control options
- Compressor (start / stop), observation included
- Main valve water hydrant engine (on/off), observation included
- Stage valves till 3 pieces (on/off), observation included
- Headlights (automatically by snowmaking operation or manually on/off)
Control box
Control box

Control panel with display
Control panel with display

Fully automatic system mounted on the MAV
Fully automatic system mounted on the MAV