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The slim one under the fun guns

What does SnoTek afford?
SnoTek is based on the established NESSy technology (see datasheet NESSy). The combination of the nozzle technology of NESSy and the patented nozzle technology of SnoTek results in throw width like low pressure snow guns and the same amount of snow. The SnoTek nozzle technology is practically wind-insensible. SnoTek has more than 8 different snow steps with which you can always generate the desired snow quality.

• Modular design
• High-quality nozzles from MVT micro technologies AG
• Existing BÄCHLER snowguns can be upgraded easily

SnoTek Track
The SnoTek Track is specially designed to produce snow on ski trails or narrow slopes. The version Track is available as a single-stage lance.

Technical data:
Lance weight 70kg (10m length)
Lance length 2m / 5m / 7m / 10m
(contact us for other lengths)
Pivoting angle 360°
Tilt angle 45...80°

Water flow SnoTek

Water flow SnoTek Track
SnoTek im Einsatz
SnoTek in action

Lanzenkopf SnoTek
Lance head SnoTek

SnoTek in action

SnoTek im Einsatz
SnoTek Track