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Bächler Top Track AG
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CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
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Special equipment for snowmaking

Snow hose TOP SNOW
Our approved and high quality heavy-duty snow hose for low-pressure, high-pressure and lance-snowmaking-systems. 2 year warranty (by convenient and correct handling).

High-pressure hoses - the ideal enduring connection between water plug and snowmaker, casing in SBR/EPDM quality, cold-, ozone,- abrasion resistant and dimensionaly stable. 2-4 high pressure rayon-cord interlinings (material canvas without a memory effect by bending, it‘s an adavantage compared to the hoses with steel core), inside rubber flat.

Technical data:
Individual lengths: 0.5 m - 60 m ready-made
Assembly: free configuration of the KAMLOK
coupler 1.5“, 2“, m/f, m/m, f/f
Colour: blue

Transport hose SNOWSTORM
PU coated transport hose in double fabric construction.

- Transport hose for snowmaking systems

Main advantages:
- Hight continous duty pressure, sufficient buffers for pressure peaks
- Good visbility in the area also in the dawn
- Very abrasion-resistant, robust and persistent
- Resistant to age, UV and ozon
- Very good coldness flexibility

Technical data:
Available lengths: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 m
Assembly: each with 1.5“, 2“ oder 2.5“ m/f
KAMLOK couplers
Colour: orange

Snow and transport hoses
Heavy-Duty snow hose

Snow and transport hoses

Snow and transport hoses
Transport hose SNOWSTORM