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The perfect companion for snomakers

The snowmaker-backpack is the perfect companion for the snowmakers. Darkness by nigthly inspections or the painful
searching of the practical tools „is snow from yesterday“. Wheter you have to change a nozzle, you will check the wet-bulb temperature or a valve is snowed in, you can find all current
tools, spare parts, utensils like a snow shovel, headlamp etc. in the backback.

- allen wrench
- circlip pliers
- screw wrench
- nozzle wrench
- wet-bulb temperature measure
- thread sealing strip
- pocket lamp
- Victorinox Swiss multifunction tool

Spare part box:
- nozzles
- mixing chambers
- jet stabilizer
- nozzle plugs
- nucleator
- o-rings
- KAMLOK seal
- screws
- spanner

Snowmaking equipment:
- snow shovel collapsible
- gas burner
- headlamp
Schneirucksack inkl. Zubehör
Snowmaker-backpack inclusive accessories

Spare part box


kompletter Schneirucksack
Snowmaker-backpack complete