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Bächler Top Track AG
Lohrensäge 2
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
Tel. +41 (0)56 677 71 00
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The flexible, inexpensive solution

The ingenious pit components can be assembled on your demand. Thereby it provides endless opportunities to design the system inexpensive and user-optimised.

Concrete pit
- rectangular concrete pit, reinforced
- dimension outside: 1.4x1.4x1.45 m
- entrance 65x65 cm, galvanised cover, lockable
- service hatch, lance fundament tube included
- one-piece construction circa 1700 kg, two-parts construction circa 2x 850 kg

Combined hydrant
- combined hydrant for air and water
- one or three-step
- filtering of the water included
- draining
- electrical drive of the valves
- heated

Control inclusive power supply unit
- compact control for the connection on the control system
- emergency shutdown function for the hydrants
- power distribution

Satellite pit
- square-cut pit, steel-galvanised, 40x40x75 cm, fundament tube included
- optional instead of the concrete pit (in pares combined)
- connected in parallel
- savings: - control power supply unit, combined hydrant, concrete pit

Fundament tube
- fundament tube for lance adapter
- on site encased in concrete
- simple extension of the lance storing position
Concrete pit
Concrete pit

Combined hydrant
Combined hydrant

Satellite pit
Satellite pit

Fundament tube
Fundament tube