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New Energy-efficient Snowgun System

• 80% compressed air consuption compared to conventional snow lances
• Start snowing at -1°C wet bulb temperature
• Without additives

By using the NESSy MEDUSA lance you double the snow production per snow making point. This is irrespective of the wet bulb temperature! Espacially the high performance in the arginal temperature range makes your snow making system ven more effective.

Given the increasingly scarce time-frames for artificial snow production, the productivity of the snow making system is crucial!

This is point where the double-head lance comes into its own. For example: At -2.5°WBT the lance can handle 2 l/s of water (at 30 bar). This produces approximately 16m3 of snow per hour. Already at around -8°WBT the lance can be fully activated which, depending on the pressure, results in a production of up to 80m3 of snow per hour!

NESSy MEDUSA builds on proven technology:
• Variable lance construction
• Single or multi-stage lances
• Existing lances can be converted easily

Technical data
Multi-stage lance 70 kg (length 10m)
Lance lengths 7m / 8.5m / 10m
(other lengths on request)
Balde angle 360°
Tilt angle 45...80°
Water flow rate 60 - 400 l/min. at 20 bar

NESSy Kopf
NESSy MEDUSA in action

NESSy Kopf
2 heads with 9 water nozzles and 3 nucleators

NESSy Ventil
NESSy ball valve V3 manual

NESSy Theoretische Modellierung
Theoretical modelling