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New Energy-efficient Snowgun System

- 80% less air pressure than comparable lances
- Up to 2°C higher snow making start temperetatures (marginal temp.)
- Higher water temperatures has less of an effect
- Low noise emissions
- No additives required

This innovative snowgun is awarded by Swiss Excellence and is the result of 3 years intense research and development and joint collaboration between the Institute for Thermo- and Fluid-Engineering ITFE, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos, MVT micro technologies AG, nozzle technology, and BÄCHLER TOP TRACK AG, snowmaking technology. This project was supported by the Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI) of the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET).

Through field tests in a climate controlled wind tunnel with a detailed theoretical model numerous breakthroughs could be achieved and then optimized. The results of the breakthrough snow lance is a drastic reduction of the required air pressure, snow making at a 2 °C higher temperature and snow performance is affected less by higher water temperatures. Through improved nozzle technology and the reduced air pressure NESSy produces very low noise emissions.

Main Features of NESSy
The New Energy-efficient Snowgun System NESSy combines the latest scientific knowledge with well-established snowmaking technology. Several patents on the new nozzle technology are pending.

NESSy based on reliable Bächler snowmaking technology
- Modular design
- Single- or multi-stage water flow
- High-quality nozzles from MVT micro technologies AG
- Existing Bächler snowguns can be upgraded easily

Technical data
Single-stage lance 50kg (10m length)
Multi-stage lance 55kg (10m length)
Lance lengths 2m / 3m / 5m / 7m / 10m
6.6ft, 9.8ft, 16.4ft, 23.0ft, 32.8ft
(other lengths on request)
Pivoting angle 360°
Tilt angle 45...80°

 NESSy Brochure (web)
 Snowgun Running Cost Comparison
 A review of the energy use of mobile snowmaking at Swedish ski resorts    
Swiss Excellence Award

NESSy in action
NESSy in action

Head with 9 water nozzles and 3 nucleators
Head with 9 water nozzles and 3 nucleators

NESSy ball valve V3 manual
NESSy ball valve V3 manual

NESSy Theoretical modelling
Theoretical modelling

Water and Air Pressure from NESSy*


Typical range of the wet-ball temperature

Air Pressure Requirement

Water Consumption

@ 20 bar

Air Pressure

8 bar

Air Pressure

10 bar

Ground Level

-4 to -2 °C

120 Nl/min

150 Nl/min

45 l/min

Level 1.

-8 to -4 °C

105 l/min

Level 2.

< -8 °C

min. 165 l/min

* Status February 2008