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Bächler Top Track AG
Lohrensäge 2
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
Tel. +41 (0)56 677 71 00
Fax +41 (0)56 677 71 01

The Bächler Top Track AG is a worldwide provider of custom-built solutions in the field of snow processing and snowmaking. The high-quality products and in-house expertise have made Bächler well-known in the world. To achieve and enlarge this image, it is aspired an always higher customer satisfaction and it sets a high value on the performance, quality and energy-efficiency of the products.

The strenghts are the great commitment, flexibility and efficieny-oriented thinking of the employees, long-time experience, global presence, modular constructions, technological lead and innovation skills. It enables with the pioneering solutions to continually enhance the customers‘ competitive edge.

BÄCHLER TOP TRACK AG, founded in 1970 by A.R. Bächler, was taken over in 1999 through a management buyout by Mr. Claus Dangel and Mr. Bruno Koch to guarantee the seamless transition to a new generation. They have been working for the company for many years and have decades of experience to continue producing and supporting Bächlers dynamic product range.

Claus Dangel
(commercial and sales manager) is responsible for the snow making systems and entire commercial responsibility as well as chairman of the board of directors.
Bruno Koch
(mechanical engineer), as well a member of the board of directors, is responsible for the technical and engineering divisions, developing and constructing new machines and systems.
Mario Koch
(business economist), as well a member of the board of directors, is responsible for purchase and is the supervisor in the production and in quality assurance .
Karin Koch
is responsible for accounting and marketing.